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La Chatta Polo Club offers unique opportunities for companies who become our business or event sponsor. Would you like to promote your goods and services, increase collaboration in your team or just make your contribution to polo sport development in Belgium, all this is possible in our club.

Close to Antwerp and Brussels, this location gives an easy gateway for you and your business partners. 

Contact us to discuss all opportunities and advantages.

Opening of the season 2018.

At the week-end of the 28th of April, the season kicks off!

August 2017
La Chatta Polo Game 
- Saturday 19th of August at 5 pm
- Sunday 20th of August at 2 pm
Game at La Chatta Polo Training Club Belgium
August 2018
“ Safety 60”

45. PENALTY 6 – SAFETY 60. One free hit from a spot on the 60 yard line opposite where the ball crossed the back line, but no more than 40 yards out from the centre. a. The team taking the hit to be free to position themselves where they choose. The free hit shall be taken in one stroke with the intent to score as for a Penalty 3; b. The team facing the hit to be behind the 30 yard line until the ball is hit or hit at.
At La Chatta polo club in Belgium (Lier).
You can enter a team or as an individual.

4/5 of August 2018.
Games on Saturday at 2 pm and 4 pm.
Sunday at noon and 3 pm.

assado tickets availlable  at € 20

Team sponsors wanted.
September 2018
“ Hasta luego”

Polo season is coming to an end, hopefully the weather will permit us to play on into Octobre...
So we organize the " Hasta luego " tournament.
Hoping that we made a progress in handicap ( even we don't change handicaps over the season ), we will make it -4/1 goals.
You can enter a team or as an individual.

At La Chatta polo club in Belgium (Lier)

15/16 Septembre
-4/1 goals

Games on Saturday at 4 pm.
Sunday at noon and 1 pm.

assado tickets availlable  at € 20

Team sponsors wanted.

Rules night brought to you by Loewe on 6/09/2018 at 20.00hrs
Dear all, as the season is ongoing and the importance of knowing the rules is showing, we have to work on that. For that we will organise the second rules night brought to you by LOEWE and this on 6/09/2018 thursday night at 20.00hrs.

At this second session anyone can come over to learn about the HPA polo rules. We will answer all your questions and create situations on the polo table for you to analyse and discuss.

It is of great importance that you all know the HPA rules as it makes it much easier to understand the game, watch and follow a game and play a game with no fauls so there is no danger and playing a game will be fluent.

We suggest that you read the rules already before you come to the rules night and mark your questions so we can clarify your doubts. I have the expierene that doing it that way, you get to understand them better as by just reading them. You can find them at this link:


The course will cost you 5 euro.

Anyone can come and participate even the non players, you never know that you could become a umpire, time keeper or flagmann or player. Or just for a better understanding of the game or just for a beer...

Please reply this email as a confirmation so i will have an idea how many we will be.

Forward this mail to anyone you know who could be interested.